EBRC Site Activation (Test-plan) – part 1

Day 5 (Nov 10th): EO WAN activation - Successful tests performed by ACRI-ST/adwaisEO (verification of the connectivity from ACRI systems deployed on DAS network at Luxembourg towards the destinations according to the traffic matrix) and by Interoute (route , ping,...

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WAN deployment part 2

Day 4 (Nov 9th): ACRI-ST and adwaisEO support to 1- Interoute team: WAN link up and running, CPE configuration up and complete (VRFs, routing, etc.), RFC2544 tests by Interoute executed and successful, PDNS M&C systems configuration; 2- ESA for access on DAS-L3...

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WAN deployment part 1 (support to Interoute)

Day 3 (Nov 8th):  refinement of systems and network configurations + Interoute Intervention: CPE racked and powered, patches of the three interfaces (WAN, LAN internal VRF, LAN Mgmt VRF), basic CPE configuration.  

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