On October 19th, we were pleased to receive the 50th delivery of a package of data to be safely archived in EODAS! After almost 4 years, the EODAS archive now contains more than 6.6 PB of data and about 50 million of products representing 49 ESA and Third-Party missions. The archive also includes 6 live missions (Aeolus, Cryosat-2, OceanSat-2, SMOS, Landsat-8 and Swarm) and 1 online mission (ALOS) which have a continuous on-line flow of data into the archive.

We also received at the end of September the 100th request for data extraction, which represents more than 25 data retrievals per year without ever any issues in the restitution. Extractions are based on different criteria of selection (please see “Retrieval status” page) and represents a total extracted volume of about 1.2 PB and more than 5 million of products.

At the beginning of November, we also received the 60th data maintenance request! Such maintenance is done to align or update the data in the archive whenever adjustments are made to a dataset already archived in EODAS. It is now made more effective by ensuring that the data maintenance (performed by DSI) is done directly on a working copy of the archived data, which minimises the circulation of data on media, a major improvement in the case of large datasets.

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