As part of the quality programme, the performances of the EODAS  Data Management System has been evaluated during an audit review that has been held at the main center (Betzdorf, Luxembourg) on January 29th, 2019.

The audit has been performed by KSAT in its capacity as the independent consortium member in charge of checking, enforcing and auditing the correctness of the data and meta-data management in the Service.

The major goal of this review was to evaluate the EODAS database backup, extraction and system performances.

The audit consisted in:

  • System performances monitoring
    • Routine tests (main site and backup site)
  • Data retrieval performances
    • Extraction strategy
    • Extraction rate analysis for the data extraction requests received so far
  • Backup performances
    • Database backup and restore strategy

The second yearly audit review was a complete success and showed that the ESA EO data is properly handled and stored according to the SoW requirements.

The audit report has been submitted to ESA.The conclusion of the audit is that a) both main and backup sites have convinced the auditor that EODAS has a serious and conscious awareness to both backup and system performance; b) EODAS has a scalable architecture and constantly monitor themselves, investigate improvement points and strive to stay in front of requirements.

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