As part of the EODAS quality programme, the EODAS Data Management System has been controlled during an audit review that has been held at ACRI-ST in Sophia-Antipolis (at the Back-up Center premises) on December 7th, 2017. The audit has been performed by KSAT in its capacity as the independent consortium member in charge of checking, enforcing and auditing the correctness of the data and meta-data management in the Service. The audit consisted in:

  1. playing three disaster/failover scenarios as follows:
    • Scenario 1: Disaster recovery scenario (disaster at the Main Centre)
    • Scenario 2: Data recovery scenario (data loss/tape loss in one of the two centres)
    • Scenario 3: Database Failover Scenario (failure of the Main Centre database)
  2. and in performing several metadata consistency checks in both archive centers, including:
    • Check 1: Database table row count consistency check on ARCHIVED datasets (comparison of the Main and Backup databases in term of numbers of rows);
    • Check 2: Database table attribute consistency check (comparison of the Main and Backup databases in term of structure)
    • Check 3: Metadata consistency check in terms of data (comparison of the Main and Backup databases in term of data)
    • Check 4: Metadata comparison between Database and ARCHIVED products (comparison of data extracted from the Database in the Backup Centre and data in the Archive filesystem, including MD5 verification).

The audit went very well with successful outcomes: in summary, it has confirmed that:

  • EODAS Procedures are well suited in case of failure and disaster recovery
  • Data and metadata are identical in the main and backup centres;
  • Data in the Data Management System are compliant with the data in the archive.

The audit has also been the occasion for re-checking and updating the procedures for disaster recovery, data loss recovery and database consistency check (new procedure for data recovery in case of loss of one or more tape, increase of DB backup frequency per day, overwritten every 24 hours in addition to the official backups kept in the dumps rolling archive).

An updated version of the Service Continuity Plan will be issued as a result.

The next audit is planned for end of 2018.

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